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FCHL 160 Automatic Clipping/Hanging Machine

This is what makes it unique: the new Automatic Clipping/Hanging Machine from Poly-clip System combines four production processes in a single machine. In this way it offers a cost saving of up to 37% on manpower while at the same time increasing output by up to 25%.

All-in-one Automatic Machine
This automatic clipping/hanging machine FCHL 160 efficiently combines clipping with simultaneous looping and automatic hanging and positioning of products on the smoke stick. Its high level of automation ensures continuous, reliable production, and it thus benefits from all of the advantages of the fully-developed FCA 160 clipping module. Continuous, precise positioning on the smoke sticks in the hanging unit permits a higher loading density and thus optimum utilisation of smoking and cooking plant capacity.
As usual, Poly-clip System offers the highest processing quality and a robust hygienic design. The machine’s compact construction and powerful servo drive are designed for continuous operation. Central lubrication keeps wear and tear to a minimum, and easy access to the machine for the purposes of maintenance and thorough cleaning is afforded by large maintenance flaps and by means of a special cleaning position of the clip head.

Poly-clip System is the world’s leading supplier of clipping system solutions.

Exhibitor: Poly-Clip System GmbH & Co. KG

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