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AZO LIQUIDS Dispersing – Mixing – HomogenisingProcess engineering for liquid and semi-solid processes

AZO LIQUIDS processing plants are mixing, dispersing and homogenising raw materials for e.g. liquids, powders, ingredients and flavor within industrial production processes to liquid and semi-solid products. Process steps like mixing, dispersing, homogenising, heating, cooling and discharging can be automated to the greatest possible degree.
Future proofed and innovated process technology, as well as intelligent control systems ensure the highest standard of quality.

Our customers are:
• Manufactures of convenient and processed foodstuff
• Manufacturers for bakery goods
• Manufactures of milk products
• Margarine manufacturers

Customer products:
• Mayonnaise
• Ketchup, Relish
• Soup
• Ice cream, pudding, baby food
• Margarine
• Pastry fillings
• Pastry

Exhibitor: AZO GmbH + Co. KG

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