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Ranta company supplies positive displacement pumps, spare parts, hoses and tubings for industrial and hygienic applications. Our pumps convey flammable fluids, abrasive, viscous and clear media. Our products are highly demanded in chemical, oil, energy industries, in agriculture, in food and beverage processing, in pharmacy and cosmetology.

Pumps for conveying food and beverage are made of ecological and certified materials approved by Ministry of Health. They don’t affect properties of the pumped media. Stainless steel pumps are used in food industry. All our products simplify customer’s manufacturing and increase the quality of the end product.

Products and services

We deliver industrial pumps to convey different media of low and high viscosity. The Wangen hygienic progressive cavity and twin screw pumps dose products in food industry with low pulsation. The pumps have a modular design therefore it makes possible to satisfy all customer’s needs and applications.

The Boyser industrial peristaltic pumps convey media under low pressure with constant flow. High dosing accuracy, ease to use, the contact of the conveyed media only with one part of the pump (hose or tubing) – all these factors distinguish the Boyser pumps from others.

WANGEN Twin/VarioTwin NG

The VarioTwin NG is the ideal feeder unit to pump highly viscous media for the series 104 and 130 of the Wangen Twin NG: high-viscousity dough, fruit (including frozen), vegetables, high-viscousity chocolate and sugar mixtures, dairy and soy products, pulp-containing media, meat-based products, fibre-containg extracts for the cosmetics industry, high viscousity chemical products. Maximum flow rate: 10 m3/h, maximum pressure: 25 bar

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The WANGEN MX progressive cavity pump fulfills the demanding requirements of the food industry. State-of-art design features allow excellent ease of cleaning and maintenance. The modular design of the MX makes it suitable to pump and dose of different media in bakery, dairy, confectionary and agriculture.

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Hygienic progressing cavity pumps convey and dose products of the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries particularly well. The range of applications includes viscous liquids and non-flowing to solid products, homogenous or containing pieces, sensitively or sensitive to shearing. A large free ball passage and the low speeds of these pumps ensure that sensitive products are conveyed particularly gently.

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News & Innovations

The new generation WANGEN TWIN

The progressive cavity pump Twin NG is a hygienic solution to convey low and high viscosity, volatile and gas media. Spindle replacement without the need to re-synchronise the spindle shafts, thanks to fast-X-change® technology, is developed by WANGEN PUMPEN.

Other advantages of the Wangen hygienic pumps:

  • Low life-cycle costs
  • High suction lift
  • Low pulsation
  • Heating or cooling jacket optionally
  • Easy maintenance
  • Large viscosity range
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Compact design to avoid dead space
  • Low maintenance
  • Special versions possible for adaptation to existing systems SIP and CIP cleaning

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The WANGEN MX pump - the best solution for demanding hygenic application

The WANGEN MX progressing cavity pump precisely fulfills the demanding requirements of the food, pharma and cosmetics industries. State-of-the-art design features allow excellent ease of cleaning and maintenance. And thanks to its great pressure stability, the MX can also be used in many ways in the chemical, paint and paper industries, among others.

One of the German companies which produces soft elastic plastics in granulate form and sealing compounds for food closures and packaging, TPE materials for medical technology in the pharmaceutical sector successfully uses MX progressing cavity pumps in its production processes to pump these challenging media.

The MX pump is successfully used to pump high-viscosity spice mixtures, marinades. The pump combines high pressures coupled with a relatively short, space-saving design Thanks to their EvenWall® technology, the pumps have a minimal elastomer layer thickness, enabling them to cope with very high levels of pressure.

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EHEDG and 3-A certification for the twin screw pumpWANGEN Twin NG

The EHEDG certification is highly important in food and beverage production.

The hygienic twin screw pump fully meets the guidelines and design standards for EHEDG certification (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group) and 3-A authorisation (3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc. (3-A SSI) hygiene association within the US food sector).
The WANGEN Twin NG pump is primarily used in the food and beverage, chemical and cosmetics industries. It was developed to pump low to high-viscosity, slightly volatile or gaseous products reliably and gently, at the same time offering maximum ease of service among twin screw pumps, simplified handling and a long service life.

The Twin NG is therefore also ideal for CIP cleaning, as its high speed range of less than 100 to 4000 rpm means that it is capable of pumping large volumes of cleaning media and therefore guarantees outstanding cleaning results.

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