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WOLF Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH is a German manufacturer of packaging equipment and integrated solutions with more than 30 years of history. Since 1988 sold more than 4000 projects for packaging food and non-food products around the world. High performance, reliability and small footprint is a clear concept of the design of WOLF packaging machines, which received high recognition in the market since the company was founded.

Through advanced development and years of experience, WOLF provides unique packaging solutions. Up to 6 bags types on a one packaging machine. More than 30 kinds of bag styles and more than 50 different options for every application and expansion of the capacity of the packaging.

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WOLF Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH is a German manufacturer of packaging equipment and integrated solutions in the FAWEMA and HDG packaging group. High performance, reliability and small footprint - this is a clear design concept of WOLF packaging machines, which has received high recognition in the market since the company was founded.

FAWEMA is an expert with more than 100 years of experience in packaging flour, sugar, grocery, pet food and other bulk products. Packaging in pre-made paper and plastic bags or with a vertical packaging machine for bags from film.

HDG-horizontal rotary packaging machines for forming 3 and 4 sealed sachet bags, doy bags with cap, lock, shape cutting and other options.

WOLF-vertical and horizontal packaging machines for packaging food and non-food products, liquid products and products in sauce. More than 30 types of bags, such as "pillow" , Gasset, block-bottom, stabil-pack, doy pack, brack shape bags and others.

VPC VFFS series in a special design for packing in a Doy style bags.

Main features:
Fully servo driven
Speed up to 100 up/min
Installing an Easy-Lock or Zip lock closures
More than 20 modifications for any task
Available in stainless steel
Available for wet or dusty production
PLC Siemens or Allen Bradley
Up to 6 types of packages per machine
Quick format change system without tools
Memory for 100 user programs
Remote access, integration into the production network

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The FAWEMA FA 217 carefully delivers and/or produces bags into its machine chamber system, where the bags are precisely filled.

These filled bags are then driven along a settling track to create a well formed brick block bag and are closed and folded to form a tight seal, allowing the bag to be stacked, without losing its shape.

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HDG RB-200

The HDG RB-200 is a compact, horizontal forming, filling and sealing machine with a rotary table system for side sealed pouches.

This machine model is ideal for filling all HDG pouches types with the most varied of products and is available in five different capacity levels, including in stainless steel. This means that up to 240 pouches per minute and a format range of 40 x 40 mm to 200 x 400 mm can be realised, depending on the model selected.

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Vertical form, fill, seal machine VPC250\400 for the Doy style bags.
Depending on the product, needs and environment, more than 70 options are available, which allows you to increase the efficiency of packaging.

The special design of VPC 250 \ 400 machines allows you to combine several types of packages on a single packaging machine, which significantly saves your budget and expands your capabilities.

Maximum capacity up to 100 bags per minute, package height up to 400 mm. More than 20 modifications, such as zip closure, carry handle, euroslot, valve and etc., expand the marketing potential of packaging. The quick-release design allows you to change to a different type of packaging without taking much time.

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The FAWEMA FA 8000 has been designed with the objective of reducing production costs for high-volume use, but at the same time, offering a high degree of versatility for smaller fill weights of up to 2.5 kg. Performance up to 110 bags per minute.

The machine uses roll stock paper to first produce a block-bottom bag, then fills and settles this into a brick pack. Secondly, for small volume SKUs the machine has the ability to take pre-made bags from a bag magazine.

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FAWEMA, HDG, WOLF. New business combination.

WOLF Packaging Group combines FAWEMA, HDG and WOLF to form a unique packaging group companies. The business combination resulted in the creation of a packaging group with more than 400 employees, four production sites and more than 80 million € of income per year.

FAWEMA is primarily known for packaging flour and sugar, with more than 1000 machines sold worldwide with from the moment of foundation and launch of the first packaging machines on the market. FAWEMA has the largest range of machines for packaging flour, sugar and cereals in the world.

HDG is a compact horizontal rotary type packaging machine. The product range includes five different types of machines for a wide variety of bags and packaging a wide range of products.

WOLF is a vertical and horizontal packaging machines that combines technical flexibility, reliability and user-friendly interface. This combination of businesses gives WOLF Packaging group a proven and wide range of equipment for the future.

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